A Summit Dedicated to Building the New Nevada Based on Trust

our Mission


Business and government leaders can see the changes in their fields coming from a long way off. Deep understanding of an industry includes knowing not just the lay of the land, but also what is over the horizon.   

In 2017, Nevada passed SB 398 recognizing the legitimacy of blockchain transactions and prohibiting taxation of the technology. The goal, as Sen. Kieckhefer pointed out, is to let startups know that Nevada “wants them and values them. They should give us a hard look.”

While people in the technology industry understand the ramifications of passing a pro-blockchain bill, many in business and government are just starting to learn about this new technology.

The Building the New Nevada on Trust conference will build a braintrust of state business and government leaders so they can build the public ecosystem needed to unleash the potential of blockchain technology in Nevada.

This conference is designed for anyone in Nevada who wants an introduction and a basic, non-technical understanding of blockchain technology.  

Organizing Team: Elisa Cafferata, Scot Rutledge, Ethan Clift, Tyson Falk, and Nadia Hansen